10 December 2014

this must be the place.

December always feels like one long sigh, I start to feel the weight of the year upon me and long for a fresh start. 
I suppose this is a continuation from this post, I left a place I called home and my dear friend has just had to do the same. In September I became a piece of furniture in beautiful Ellen's home and here is a little diary from my time with her and an ode to the place she adored.

Pictures by Ellen, Prizme and myself.


29 October 2014

12 August 2014

all of a sudden I miss everyone.

This space has been neglected for a little too long. 
I'm just finding my feet from moving to a city and now back home. I'm not very good at sharing, my life for the past twelve months may have been a shock to my soft side but I have nothing but fondness for the city I called home. Here are some photographs taken by my always muse Ellen Rogers, edited by the lovely Prizme - the only two people who can depict my sacred space as I know it.

There are a few little projects tugging at my thoughts - I hope to share these soon.


11 June 2014

wilder shores.

Last month I fled blighty armed with a loved one to visit another and it all came together in Leiden. I drank all the mint tea, ate all the waffles and lost my heart to a new city. Above are a few memories from our adventure, mostly from Hortus Botanicus  and the Naturalis but a few just from the city where my pal calls home. It's was just lovely.

I will try and source some inspiration soon, I'm running out of steam a little.