11 June 2014

wilder shores.

Last month I fled blighty armed with a loved one to visit another and it all came together in Leiden. I drank all the mint tea, ate all the waffles and lost my heart to a new city. Above are a few memories from our adventure, mostly from Hortus Botanicus  and the Naturalis but a few just from the city where my pal calls home. It's was just lovely.

I will try and source some inspiration soon, I'm running out of steam a little.


17 May 2014

wild nothings.

I hope it is as lovely where you are today as it is here. 
I'm working on a little side project at the moment and here is the soundtrack I've been working to. 


29 April 2014

Adeline For Leaves.

A narrator recounts the relationship between Adeline, a 12-year-old botanical prodigy and her recently deceased, elderly mentor, Henry.

Henry has left Adeline with personal audio recordings detailing plant history, pathology, philosophical thoughts on plants and gardens, but most importantly, he has left her with the near impossible task of creating his dream of the blue night blooming hedgehog - a blue flowering echinopsis subdenudata, which biologically flowers white.

Adeline listens to these recordings while researching through books, watching 1950s instructional plant videos and experimenting in her garden and greenhouse. She also spends time with a community of elderly amateur gardeners, assisting them with their plant diseases.

Another continuation on a theme, at the moment my thoughts are lost to flowers, I'm sorry. I have featured Jessica's work before and I was incredibly excited to see the trailer for her new film. This makes me long for more exciting climes. Since moving I have become incredibly attached to my plants, apologies for those who follow my instagram, so I feel I have an affinity with Adeline, I would very much like to be her friend. 

2 April 2014

Plant family tree - part two.

"I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase. You know, horses... taking pictures of your feet."

I always think of this every time I take a picture.

This is continuation of the last post I guess. These were taken on the first day of the year sans cardigan, which we spent at the botanic gardens. They aren't perfect but I haven't been so excited to develop a role of film for a while. 


11 March 2014

Plant family tree.

I spent my Sunday sunning my skin at the botanic gardens and they exciting places.
A lot of my friends are flowers and I like my science to look like this.


26 January 2014

Electric Oil.

Electric Oil by Jessica Rinland

In 1868, Laura Jernegan, a 6 year old girl from Massachusetts, USA set out on a three year whaling voyage to the Pacific Ocean. During this voyage Laura wrote a journal about her life on the whaling ship. She mainly notes banal daily events, but regularly describes the slaughter of whales in great detail.

Electric Oil explores the possibility that a 6 year old who observes the slaughter of whales on a regular basis could, in later years, experience huge psychological and physical trauma. Laura’s allergy to oil, which subsequently triggers an uncontrollable act of ridding her skin of all materials, represents this trauma. The text in Electric Oil, written by Laura’s physiologist, examines the stimulus and the abstract imagery represents Laura’s memory.


For the past six months I've been thinking about little else other than whales. I was lucky enough to work with the incredible Jessica  and would sell my right arm to attend this event - I would encourage anyone else to do the same.