7 October 2012

Tim Walker, Story Teller.

Tim Walker creates images that dreams are made of, the beautiful things that bloom in his mind have recently been published in his new book, which I have really struggled to keep to myself. So grab yourself a cup of tea, make yourself a blanket fort and get in to the spirit of these wonderful images.
Now that you're all excited, here's a little more to look forward to, the

Isn't it just lovely? 
These are a few of my new and old favourites, what are yours?



  1. I can not tell you how excited I am for this exhibition ( and the book)! I have 'Tim Walker in pictures' and it's my prized possession. I was lucky enough to meet him once and am kicking myself for not taking it to get it signed. :-( xx

    1. Kelly-Marie I am so jealous! I adore pictures, but The Lost Explorer is perhaps my favourite. I'm coming in to London on the 17th for the exhibition if you're around, it would be lovely to see you xx

    2. I'm so sorry darling I have only just seen this reply. :-( isnt it the private view tomorrow? Ooohh please tell me you are going to that!? I'm am really busy tomorrow and I'm so sad I didn't see this sooner as I would have loved to meet up. Please let me know the text time you are in London, I would love to meet you.
      Have the most amazing time tomorrow. I'm probably not going to see it for another week so I'll have to keep my eyes closed on your Instagram. :-) xxx

    3. Sorry I'm writing this on my phone, hence te fact that I keep repeating myself. It doesn't want to cooperate.

  2. Oh, I love Tim Walker so much and have definitely been eyeing this book. The inside looks so lovely. x

  3. love tim walker! and your blog :):)

  4. Stunning! Thank you for sharing xo